Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trying Nopalea

Yesterday, the four bottles of Nopalea Fruit Juice arrive and I never wasted anytime to drink it. Once bottle is almost half way through and I can feel some different on my joints and muscles already. I am not sure if it is the first effect of Nopalea but I am very hopeful that it is because the price of this Nopalea is expensive for being useless. I am looking forward to a no stiffness and soarness life sooner.

Nopalea is an anti-inflammatory drink that helps the body heal naturally. It has Nopal Cactus which has Bioflavonoids thats lives brutally in a inhospitable condition of the Sonoran Desert. The Bioflovanoids enter the body system at the cellular level to help reduce the body toxins sorrounding its cell, which allows more essential nutrients to reach each cell. As a result, the cell are better fed and energized to repair and replace damamged tissues and reduce the reactive inflammation to keep it from becoming soar and stiff.

It offers one free bottle for trial but I took the 4 bottle because my high hopes are there to have natural cure for my pain. I will be updating the progress of the effect of Nopalea. And as I've said before, I am half way through with the first bottle and I can already feel the difference. Crossing my fingers on this.