Saturday, May 2, 2015

Vinegar with Water For Cleaning

I was trying to save money in using expensive cleaning solutions so I try using vinegar with water as all purpose cleaner. I used it in cleaning the toilet bowl, sink and tubs and I realized how effective and wonderful it is. It removes the bad scent of the toilet bowl and the area around. The dirt goes away easily when I use it on the sink and tubs, and makes everything sparkling shine.

And now, I used it to my customers even if they provide their own cleaning supplies. Not only it's cheap, and it's also effective in cleaning the washrooms and kitchen. I used it in mopping the floors too.

Use 50% vinegar and 50% water on a spray bottle and spray directly all over the sink and toilet bowl. No need to used any of those expensive toilet bowl cleaner. Use a good quality microfiber cloth. Use it on the bath tubs too and you will be surprised how it easily dissolve the soap scums and make your bath tubs sparkling shine. NOTE: I do not advice using it on Tiles of your bathroom. Here I used any bathroom cleaner specially on those tiles standing room showers. And use vinegar mixture on glass doors. It is also good to use on mirrors and glasses. But I used this magic cleaning cloth I purchased online.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Infused Water or Acidic

I just purchased this new water dispenser at Walmart and put it in our basement because, I am always watching movies in our basement ever since we purchased the 65 inches TV and and the TVBox.

Since I am acidic, I was advice to put lemon on my drinking water to help neutralized my acidity. It's what they called fruit infusion in water.

I have been doing these for quite sometime, and I find it very helpful. However, I need to focus on disciplining myself in avoiding caffein, which I am really struggling.

I also have notice that my metabolism increase when I am drinking water infused with lemon or fruits.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Beauty Organizer

I purchase this small caddy organizer at Target Bramalea Centre. I've been wanting to buy this kind of organizer to put in the basement washroom since that's the place where I do all my beauty routine. So I put all the makeups that I regularly use, including my facial moisturizers, toner etc. blablabla.

Having this kind of organizer will make my life easier and faster without messing up my things and making the area looks messy and dirty. My area is small and it is important to keep things organize and clean all the time.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Latest Selfie

This is the latest selfie I have on my file, I thought it would be nice to share it here.

I am happy with result of all the beauty routine I am doing for my skin plus the makeup application I am doing, I really think the way I out on my makeup makes me look fresh and natural.

I continue to do the facial steaming at least 2 to 3 times a week and using the Murad Facial Mask at least once a week.

I scrub my face regularly with clean warm face towel to remove those extra dirt and oil sitting on my facial skin. I used this in replacement of those facial scrub cream I am using before. This is more economical and more natural and it works.

I am putting more Glutamax cream than usual and I've notice that my face looks clearer.

It's good to take care of yourself. It makes me feel confident and happy for myself,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Makeup For Tiring Day

This was taken yesterday before me and hubby went to church. I was a little bit tired so I thought it would be good to put a little more makeup.

I applied a dark brown matte eye shadow using light matte beige for highlight. I used the same brown eyeshaow to highlight the shape of my nose. Then put on a little bit more of dark brown eyeliner, a very light blush and a lipstick.

I just comb my hair and put on a scarp to put my black blouse a little life .

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Red long Skirt and Scarp

I bought this long red skirt with the red scarp. It was on sale so I grab it soon as I saw it. I also wanted to buy the blue long skirt on the other store but just decided not to. I need to save money since I don't have much customer right now. I just needed to buy something for myself as a reward for my hard work.

I will match it to most of my blouse and shirt. And wearing this red scarp will make it look nicer. I am planning to wear it next weekend when we watch the play. I can't wait to take a picture of me and post it on my timeline